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Battle out the everlasting feud between  Coders and Artists in this fun little local multiplayer game.

The Twist of the game is that after 20 seconds all your controls get randomly rearranged and hilarity ensues.

This Game was created in the Semester Game Jam 2018



  • Left Analog Stick - Movement
  • A-Button - Jump
  • X-Button - Punch / Punch with Object
  • Y-Button - Kick / Throw Object
  • B-Button - Grab Object
  • Right Trigger - Activate Special 



GangJam_WIN.zip 69 MB

Install instructions

There is no Menu of any kind in the game since it's a game-jam game. You have to use X-Box controlers. For each Controller the game detects a player gets added to the game (up to four). To Exit the game you have to alt-F4 it. To restart the game you also have to alt-F4 it.

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